Ryde Lake Camp - Girls' Camp

A summer camp experience for girls 9-16 years

Canoeing • Kayaking • Crafts • Swimming • Hiking
Outdoor Cooking • Nature Lore • Discovery Time
Archery • Singsongs • Fun Evening Programs
Great Food • Campfires • Vespers

Providing great camping memories since 1952,
in a beautiful natural setting in Muskoka.


Making new friends, learning new skills, singing, laughing, exploring nature,
watching awesome sunsets and brilliant stars . . . campers experience opportunities
for growth in mind, body, and spirit within a caring Christian community.

The Ryde Lake Camp experience fosters respect,
& appreciation of self, others, & our natural world.


Girls, ages 9 (born in 2011) to 15 (born in 2005) 
CIT program – age 16 (born in 2004) 


Session 1 - July 5 to 11
Session 2 - July 12 to 18
Session 3 - July 19 to 25
Session 4 - July 26 to August 1
CIT Group A - July 5 to 18
CIT Group B - July 19 to August 1

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COST $650.00 plus 13% HST per one week session
CIT - $1300 plus 13% HST for two week session

See Rates / Dates for registration and payment information

Registering for more than one session - We do not offer registration for two consecutive sessions. However campers do have the option of registering for sessions 1 and 3, sessions 1 and 4, and sessions 2 and 4.

CIT PROGRAM - Two-week leadership program for girls age 16 (born in 2004)

Group A - July 5 to 18 or Group B - July 19 to Aug 1

Please note: CIT application deadline is Feb 15, 2020 - Spaces limited

Contact the camp office for application information.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE - We believe in the positive benefits of camp for all girls. Financial assistance is available through our campership fund for campers who would be denied a camping experience due to lack of funds. Please contact us for further details.

TRANSPORTATION - Parents are responsible for camper transportation to and from camp. Ryde Lake is located 12 km. north-east of Gravenhurst.

REFUND POLICY - In the event that a camper cancels, the fee less the deposit is refundable up until June 1. After June 1, the entire fee is non-refundable, unless written explanation from a physician is received. No refunds will be made for late arrivals, early departures, or dismissals due to disciplinary action.

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Our Staff - Our experienced and trained staff  include the camp director, assistant directors, waterfront staff, nurse, senior resource staff, cabin leaders, kitchen staff and maintenance personnel.

Many of our staff started as Ryde campers and participated in our CIT program, then return as staff. We enjoy an annual staff return rate of approximately 90%. Both these factors help in delivering a consistent program with staff who have a passion for passing on their Ryde experience to their campers.

The minimum age qualification of staff is 17 years of age.
Waterfront staff hold current First Aid, CPR, and NLS qualifications.

Senior staff are experienced camping veterans with many years of camping experience.

The camper staff ratio is 3:1

For further information/registration forms contact us or visit our downloads page

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Important Information For Parents and Campers

  • Medical Health Form - must complete at time of registration.
  • Camp Tuck - Campers may spend .50 on treats at “tuck” time each day after lunch. Included in the camper fee.
  • Ryde Lake clothing, songbooks - Items are available for purchase on arrival / departure days.
  • Camp Photo / T-shirt - Each camper receives a camp photo and T-shirt. Included in the camper fee.
  • Lost and Found - All unclaimed items are stored until the end of August, at which time they will be donated to a charity.
  • Please call if you have lost an item and we will attempt to locate it.
  • Mail - Yes, campers look forward to receiving mail!
  • Summer mailing address: Ryde Lake Camp RR#3 Gravenhurst ON P1P 1R3
    Due to our location, it may take more than a week to receive mail. We recommend sending letters the week before your
    camper arrives or drop mail off on arrival day and we will be happy to distribute it during the week.
  • Be sure to pack stamps and envelopes (pre-addressed/stamped envelopes are a great idea).
  • Campers and the phone - Campers do not normally have access to the phone.
  • Campers may become homesick after talking to their parents, even if they haven`t been experiencing any homesickness. If you would like to know how your child is doing, feel free to call and speak with the camp director at any time. If you reach the answering machine, please leave a message. It is checked frequently during the day and we will return your call.
    Homesickness - This is a very normal reaction to being away from the comforts and routines of family life. Many campers experience some degree of homesickness, usually quite mild. It is not only restricted to younger campers but also
    older campers as well.
    • There a re a few things that you can do to help:
    • Talk about the possibility of homesickness before camp, mention it in a positive way, ie. that it is normal and reassure
      your camper that with the help of the staff, you are confident they will be able to cope with it.
    • Send along a familiar source of security, ie. blanket, stuffed animal, pictures.
    • When you write letters to your camper, make sure you do not stress how much you miss them but rather make your
      letter positive with specific questions about their cabin mates, friends, and activities.
    • Don’t tell your child that she can call and come home if she doesn’t like it. Children who are told this have an
      extremely hard time getting over their homesickness and fun and independence are rarely gained.
    • Be positive in your message. ie. Do not say before they leave, “I don’t know what I’ll do without you”. But rather
      reinforce how proud you are of them attending camp and will look forward to hearing about it soon.
    • Be sure to speak to the camp director about any concerns at any time
  • Campers arriving rested: The camp routine is physically demanding. Be sure your daughter is in the best shape to have
    a great week by arriving well-rested and healthy. Those few nights before camp are not the time to have a sleepover!
  • Food/Treats are not allowed in the cabins . . . and for some very good reasons: it attracts critters (large and small), can
    create competition and exclusion, and spoils appetites. Campers are provided with hearty meals, snacks and daily tuck.
  • No Electronics / No Screen Policy: Includes cell phones, iPods, CD players, walkmans, radios, gameboys,
    e-readers, hairdryers, etc. Camp is about simplicity and enjoyment without the high-tech gadgets. Electrical devices are just not part of the Ryde experience.
  • Parents, we appreciate your support in ensuring campers do not bring food, treats, and electronic items to camp.

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What To Bring:
Sturdy, closed-toe shoes
Facecloth / soap / shampoo
Raincoat or rain poncho
Toothbrush / toothpaste
Sleepwear for warm and cool nights
Rubber boots Sanitary supplies
Beach towel
Water bottle

T-shirts, long and short-sleeve
Bathing suit
Sunhat / sunscreen / insect repellent
Long pants
White bathing cap
Notebook / pen / pencil
Warm blanket
Flashlight / extra batteries
Sleeping bag / pillow
Plastic cup (for brushing teeth)
Disposable or inexpensive camera
Sturdy sandals, ie Birkenstock-type
Stationery / stamps
Flip-flop sandals for showering/waterfront
Laundry bag - an extra pillow case works well
Fitted bed sheet - prevents sleeping bag from sliding around on the vinyl mattress
#6 knitting needles

Packing Tips:

  • Clothing: Bring comfortable well-worn items. Ryde is a down-to-earth, non-competitive environment where the norm is sweats, t-shirts, shorts/jeans. We advise against designer-type clothing or anything of great value.
  • Camera: A disposable or inexpensive camera is best. A camera that experiences a drop on the Muskoka rock is usually damaged beyond repair. Be sure to label it with your camper’s name.
  • Rainwear: Raincoat/poncho, rubber boots / “duckies” are absolutely essential. Rain or shine, camp life goes on!
  • Bedding: Bring a warm blanket in addition to your sleeping bag. Even when it’s warm in the city, summer nights in Muskoka can be cool!
  • Footwear: Sturdy, closed-toe shoes are a must for hiking and other outdoor activities. Sturdy sandals can be used for other general wear but please note that flip-flop type sandals are allowed only for walking to the waterfront / showers.
  • White Bathing Caps are worn for safety reasons, due to the darkness of our water. Available for purchase on arrival day.
  • Storage space in the sleeping cabins is limited. A duffle bag or suitcase that can fit under the bunk works best.

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What Not To Bring:

  • Snacks and Treats – Food is not allowed in the cabins. It attracts critters (large and small), can create competition and
    exclusion, and spoils appetites.
  • Electronics - Ryde has a “No Electronics / No Screen” Policy. This includes cell phones, iPods, CD players, radios,
    walkmans, gameboys, e-readers, hairdryers, curling irons, etc. Camp is about simplicity and enjoyment without high-tech
    gadgets. Electrical devices are just not part of the Ryde experience.
  • Money - Clothing and other Ryde items are only sold on arrival/departure days when parents are present. Campers will not require any money during the week.

Parents and campers, we appreciate your respect and cooperation of the above.
Any campers bringing the above will have them put away for safekeeping and returned on departure day.

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Arrival - Sunday afternoon between 3 and 3:30 pm

Please note that up until 3 pm. the staff will be involved with preparations.
Early arrivals will be asked to wait until 3 pm for check- in.

    1. Check in at the Dining Hall. Ryde items will be available
      for purchase at this time.
    2. Meet with the camp nurse and hand in all medications
    3. Accompany your camper to her cabin and help settle in.
    4. At 4 pm, parent goodbyes happen and all campers meet
      back at the dining hall for our welcome gathering

Departure - Saturday morning – 9:30am

    1. Check out at the Dining Hall and pick up your camp photo
    2. Pick up medications from camp nurse
    3. Ryde Lake clothing will be available for purchase

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